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You’re guaranteed to get the best logistics forwarding services that directly represents your business.

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Who we are.

SoS Trucking Services LLC  is a trucking and logistics services provider for small and mid size companies In business since early 2012, we are based in Columbus Ohio.

We provide  logistics transportation with 24 hours freight dispatching services. Through our freight forwarding services we provide logistics support services that include dispatching, billing, compliance, records and other administrative support works. Our team of experts in the logistics business are here to handle your shipments and to give you the support needed, to let you focus on business and help you do more work with less resources

What we do.

We are a trucking company in the transportation sector specializing the transportation of goods and materials using our fleets of trucks.

 As a trucking company our services include:

  1. Freight transportation: Providing reliable and efficient transportation solutions, we handle your transportation of goods and cargo within the United States and Canada from one location to another, either within a city, across states, or even internationally. We specialize in long-distance transportation, covering extensive routes and delivering goods across different regions or even countries. Also, our services extend to local and regional deliveries, catering to businesses and individuals within a specific geographic area. We utilize advanced Tracking and logistics technologies to provide real-time shipment tracking, optimize routes, and enhance overall efficiency.
  2. Logistics and supply chain management: We offer additional services such as warehousing, inventory management, and distribution to help businesses manage their supply chains effectively.
  3. Dedicated fleet services: We provide dedicated trucking services to specific clients, assigning a dedicated fleet of trucks and drivers to meet their unique transportation needs consistently.
  4. Expedited shipping: We offer expedited services or time-sensitive delivery services for urgent shipments that need to reach their destination quickly. We also, handle the transportation of shipping containers, whether for imports, exports, or domestic movements, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of cargo.
  5. Specialized transport: Our company specializes in transporting specialized cargo, such as hazardous materials, refrigerated goods, oversized or heavy loads, or fragile items. We handle LTL (Less than Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) services. We offer both LTL services, which involve transporting smaller loads from multiple clients, and FTL services, where the entire truck is dedicated to a single client’s shipment.
  6. Last-mile delivery: Trucking companies often play a crucial role in last-mile delivery, transporting goods from distribution centers or warehouses to the final destination, such as retail stores or individual customers.
  7. Warehousing and distribution: Our company offers additional services such as warehousing, inventory management, and distribution, providing end-to-end logistics solutions for our clients.

Our Trucking Services so far.

You’re guaranteed to get the best logistics forwarding services that directly represents your business.

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I've been in the trucking services for the past 10 years. The dispatch team and safety guidelines gives me confidence in making the transport, efficient and safe for clients. Thanks, SoS Trucking Services.

Magan Dalmar
Fleet Manger, SoS Trucking Services

Founder's Message

You’re guaranteed to get the best logistics forwarding services that directly represents your business.

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SoS Trucking Services offer full and efficient cargo transportation. Our experienced drivers professionally take care of each client’s specific shipment requirements.

M Duale
Founder, SoS Trucking Services

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We are hiring Drivers with Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with the best pay in the market, to operate our commercial trucks.